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Keith Human | Melt Records

Keith Human’s New Single “Inna Says” Confronts Taboo Subjects

Before the month ends, here’s a new release from Keith Human! Inna Says (Too Many People) is the 2nd single from his ongoing debut project, “Boringly Wild”, and is now available in all music streaming and digital download platforms.  The last time around, we experienced Leave Your Baggage by the Door’s cinematic musical journey. Now, Inna Says presents the album’s world in a new and interesting light.

Keith Human | Leave Your Baggage By The Door MV | Melt Records

Keith Human shares themes of Love and Violence for “Leave Your Baggage By The Door” Music Video

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February has arrived and Keith’s ready to drop the highly anticipated Leave Your Baggage By The Door Music Video on February 16, 2022. Keith and director Jannah Corrine collaborated to create the music video. It tells the story of a young couple on the verge of breaking up who tries to mend things only to meet their demise when one of them transforms into “something else.”

Keith Human Releases a Live EP entitled “Live at Kusina La Madera”

Keith Human  follows up his recent song “Leave Your Baggage By The Door” with a live EP entitled Keith Human with Jouissance – live at Kusina La Madera. This live EP was recorded on November 27th of last year, when most of us were still getting used to being back in crowded places. It had a soothing vibe to it—- definitely brings you back to the pre-covid days, when live performances were widely available.