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Dexter Sy

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Dexter Sy | Producers | Melt Records


Studio and live recording, studio and live mixing, mastering

Associated Artists

Psychomonkey, HoneydropTiger Pussy, Bombo Pluto Ova

Dexter started producing with his own music, recording tracks for his project Psychomonkey. After building out a modest home studio, he started working with artists such as Bombo Pluto Ova, Tiger Pussy, Honeydrop, and Hey! It’s Your Birthday.

As a producer (and musician), he is inspired primarily by the sound of the 90’s, particularly power pop bands such as Teenage Fanclub, Ash, and Matthew Sweet. Having worked primarily in a home studio setting for years, he also draws a lot of audio inspiration from lo-fi rock, with bands such as The Magnetic Fields and Guided By Voices a consistent reference. As a producer, he enjoys incorporating ambience and candor into the mix whenever possible, with some of his work done in live takes and with minimal editing.



Psychomonkey - Alegria
Tiger Pussy - Residuals
Honeydrop - Signs
Hey! It's Your Birthday
Red Twin Motel - Common Sins | Melt Records
Concave - Gaze | Melt Records
Bombo Pluto Ova - Oeuvre | Melt Records
Concave - Kid Cloud | Melt Records
Tiger Pussy - People You Hate
Bombo Pluto Ova - Aorta Gun | Melt Records