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UJU | Melt Records

New UJU Track is a peek into the band’s musical direction

UJU, the dream pop band from Dumagete, just released a new single entitled Promises, available now in all music streaming and digital download platforms. This single is set to be part of their much anticipated 2nd album The Sun is in our Eyes. 

The Sound of Go joins Melt Records representing Davao!

We are happy to welcome the pop punk band The Sound of Go all the way from Davao City! 
The band started way back in 2010 by members Aijei and Paolo, who were initially close friends but funny enough both discovered later on that they were actually cousins. Nevertheless, the band’s name, The Sound of Go, is not a coincidence at all; it was inspired by one of their musical influences, but also a reference to their desire to keep things moving forward, not only with music, but also with life in general.

Three Physical Music Releases To Look Forward To | Melt Records

3 Physical Music Releases To Look Forward To

Nowadays, everyone is streaming music and consuming music through digital portals has quickly become the norm. However, physical CDs, vinyls, and cassettes are still growing in popularity with music enthusiasts and fans. There is still a different kind of magic when holding a physical album from your favorite band in your hand. At Melt Records, we want to keep that magic burning.

Sunday Sunday | Melt Records

Sunday Sunday Release A New Spin On “Monday Night Wrong”

Sunday Sunday just released a new version of their classic track Monday Night Wrong. If you’re wondering what the song is about, don’t worry, we’ll fill you in.. The name of their new song, Monday Night Wrong, was inspired by their passion for professional wrestling. If you guys notice it’s a play on the name of the well-known pro-wrestling show “WWE Monday Night Raw.”